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Gas Appliances

Falcon Dominator G3101 6 Burner Range Ph
Blue Seal G506 Gas Cooking Range Photo.j
Lincat Silverlink 600 SLR9 Gas 6 Burner

  Falcon Dominator G3101

     6 Burner Oven Range

        Blue Seal G506D

    6 Burner Oven Range

Lincat Silverlink 600 SLR9

    6 Burner Oven Range

Lincat Silverlink 600 J10 Gas Fryer Phot
Blue Seal GT46 Gas Twin Tank Fryer Photo
Falcon Dominator G3845 Double Pan Fryer

Lincat Silverlink 600 J10        Double Tank Fryer

       Blue Seal GT46

    Double Tank Fryer

Falcon Dominator G3845       Double Tank Fryer

Blue Seal G593 Gas Chargrill Photo.jpg
Falcon Dominator G3425 Gas Chargrill Pho
Lincat Opus OG8401 Gas Chargrill Photo.j

        Blue Seal G593

    Chargrill on Stand

  Falcon Dominator G3425      Freestanding Chargrill

        Lincat Opus OG8401        Freestanding Chargrill

Falcon Dominator G3478 Gas Atmospheric S
Lincat Opus OG7504 Gas Atmospheric Steam
Blue Seal G32D4 Gas Convection Oven Phot

Falcon Dominator G3478

  Atmospheric Steamer

    Lincat Opus OG7504 

   Atmospheric Steamer

        Blue Seal G32D4

       Convection Oven

Falcon Dominator G3860 Single Pan , Doub
Falcon Dominator G2112 Gas Convection Ov
Falcon Dominator G3800 Bratt Tilting Pan

Falcon Dominator G3860

Single Tank 2 Basket Fryer

   Falcon Dominator G2112

          Convection Oven

  Falcon Dominator G3800

        Tilting Bratt Pan

Blue Seal Cobra CR6D Gas 4 Burner Range
Blue Seal G508 Gas Cooking Range Photo.j
Falcon Dominator G3532 Gas Salamander Gr

         Blue Seal CR6D

    4 Burner Oven Range

        Blue Seal G508

  8 Burner Oven Range 

Falcon Dominator G3532

      Salamander Grill

S&S Northern Merlin CT1250 Ventilation I
Catering Gas Hose Picture.jpg
Extraction Canopy Filters.jpg

    S&S Northern CT1250

    Gas Interlock System

   Commericial Catering

      Flexible Gas Hoses

     Extraction Canopy

 Stainless Baffle Filters

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